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Site changelog

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July 5th

  • Like system on blog posts

June 30th

  • Entry links can be reorder using drag'n'drop

June 29th

  • Game search: Own entry is now hidden if "rated or commented" is selected
  • Game voting: Rated and commented entries are now hidden from the front page suggestions

June 28th

  • Users can browse all personal scores from the dashboard

June 22th

  • Game importer for

June 19th

  • Rename "Feedback Score" concept to "Karma"

June 16th

  • Implement automatic saving for entry ratings

June 15th

  • Comment/Post editor now has better mobile compatibility

June 11th

  • Make Google Analytics no longer use cookies, in order to fit GDPR better

June 10th

  • Better support of older browsers

May 30th

  • Let users delete their accounts
  • Add a Privacy policy page
  • Add CSRF protection on all forms

May 1st: 1st AKJ Tournament launch

April 29th

  • Make entry submission work with JavaScript-free browsers

April 24th

  • Support for buttons and styling them in posts and comments

April 18th

  • Support for enabling high scores on any game (using pictures as proofs)
  • Support for organizing tournaments where users have to beat high scores on a selection of games
  • Event banners can be set by admins as backgrounds on various pages

April 4th

  • Game importer for

March 27th

  • Large client-side code refactoring

March 14th

  • Slightly reorganize the Events page (now more mobile-friendly)

March 5th

  • Let users subscribe to comment threads
  • Let admins view and moderate all tags

March 2nd

  • Make the header shrink with a nice animation when scrolling down

February 27th

  • Game importer for
  • Upgrade the dropdown library, impacting the styling of various forms

February 22nd

  • Add post pagination to user profile, event announcements list
  • Improvements on the Games page

February 21st

  • Expose theme shortlist info in the JSON API

February 20th

  • Support eliminating shortlist themes one by one in the moments before the jam starts
  • Support setting tags to games, and searching games by tags
  • Front page layout improvements

February 5th

  • Front page got several little layout changes


November 24nd

  • Non-visible work on back end: rework CSS/JS build toolchain (switching to webpack)

November 22nd

  • Mods can now manage events just like admins

October 19th

  • Added lazy loading for most pictures to make pages load faster

October 18th

  • Events page displays the winners of the past events

October 14th

  • Imgur GIFV embeds are allowed in posts

October 13th: 1st Kajam! launch

October 13th

  • Admins can customize the divisions per-event
  • Voting results page display the number of games per division

October 11th

  • Reorganized the front page, adding the schedule for the next events

October 9th

  • Reworked logo
  • Expose ratings & rankings in the REST API

October 8th

  • Let people filter out the games they rated/commented on

October 6th

  • Reworked competition results page, with pretty trophy pictures

October 3th

  • Final rankings and ratings have been added to the entry page

October 2nd

  • Support closing theme voting without revealing the winner
  • Game rescue block added
  • Ratings management: team & solo entries are split into two columns
  • Non-visible work on back end: tweak asset URLs to support CloudFlare

September 29th

  • Custom Markdown guide added (click "?" in the editor toolbar)
  • User names now appear next to display names if they differ, to aid mentions
  • Posts and comments can now be much longer than before

September 26th

  • Non-visible work on back end: reorganize client-side JS to make development easier
  • Games page features pagination

September 25th

  • Reorganized entry sidebar
  • Games page displays entries from the current event by default, sorted by Feedback Score
  • Non-visible work on back end: form parsing library replaced to fix various major bugs

September 24th

  • Feedback Score takes votes in account
  • Support for Unranked division
  • Users can see the voting count progress on their own entry

September 23th

  • Articles now fetch their Markdown directly from Github, so they can update without re-reploying the server

September 22th

  • Rewritten article system with Markdown files as the backend, to let anyone contribute
  • Theme results page: people can see again how they ranked their shortlist

September 22th: 1st Alakajam! launch

September 21th

  • Add support for featured links & hidden posts (to be used temporarily for wallpapers, streamers etc.)

September 17th

  • Support for anonymous comments
  • Entries can opt-out of graphics/audio

September 15th

  • Raw URLs put inside posts are now converted to links automatically
  • Eliminated themes can now see how successful they were %-wise

September 14th

  • Better display of the event navbar on thin mobile screens

September 13th

  • Make logging in redirect to the previous page

September 11th

  • Platform management is now distinct from links

September 9th

  • Reworked theme submission UI
  • Added support for allowing more than 3 themes ideas

September 7th

  • Markdown editor has new formatting options (text/images alignment)

September 6th

  • People page now has a search form
  • Pagination added to various pages
  • Changes are no longer lost when there's a validation error upon saving an entry
  • Some pages like the game browser & the user dashboard are now full-width
  • Posts styling and layout have been tweaked
  • Changelog & JSON API pages now integrate the Help sidebar

September 4th

  • Game browser added as a global tab

September 3rd

  • Theme voting system is completed (stats, theme elimination, appearance to anonymous users)
  • Theme voting supports a "shortlist ranking" phase
  • Admins can enable an event-related "call to action" block on the home page

September 1st

  • Adding people to a team now sends them an invite, that they have to accept or decline
  • Browsers now make you confirm before closing the tab if you have pending changes in a post
  • Alakajam! links now look pretty when shared on Facebook

August 29th

  • Entry voting system, with the ability to view past votes
  • Event results page
  • Users can now add games made in external jams
  • Team members can now leave the entry

August 27th

  • Team support: users can add other people to their games, granting access rights and listing those people as team members

August 24th

  • JSON API: new "latestEntry" endpoint

August 18th

  • HTTP calls are now throttled to 1 per second (except static resources)

August 15th

  • Basic theme voting system

August 11th

  • The help section now has a sidebar (configurable through an admin setting)
  • Entry links now let you choose platforms

August 3rd

  • Site header now looks better on mobile & tablets

July 27th

  • Multiple SEO improvements

July 19th

  • Notification system
  • Small performance improvements through caching

July 17th

  • Revamped home page

June 11th: 1st Feedback Fortnight launch

July 11th

  • Feedback Score system for sorting entries
  • Reorganized personal dashboard
  • Alakajam! links now look pretty when shared on Twitter

June 25th

  • Added support for embeds & tables in Markdown
  • Let the users set to which event a post should be attached
  • Added pagination to blog posts
  • Theme looks better on mobile

June 22th: Site launch

June 20th

  • New event countdown (can be tweaked by editing the event)
  • Entries can now have multiple links
  • Disabled key-based invite system
  • Various theme changes and bugfixes

June 16th

  • New "People" page in the header
  • Changes to the user registration process
  • Post drafts & articles now work better

June 15th

  • Article system (see the new "Feedback" header link)
  • Events can now have theme voting and game results tabs. While the features are missing, admins can display blog posts in it instead.

June 14th

  • User dashboards now have a cool home page with a comment feed (not unlike Feedback Friends…)

June 11th

  • Admins can manage events and create new ones
  • Admins can edit other users, and promote them to mods/admins
  • Announcements tweaks

June 7th

  • Comments now work (both on blog posts and games)

June 3rd

  • Support for making posts (including announcements for moderators)
  • Creating a new account now requires a shiny invite key (can be generated and shared by any user)
  • Mods can edit any post or any game thanks to a special toolbar
  • Form data is now sanitized
  • URLs are now pretty

June 3rd: Nightly site launch

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