Feedback Fortnight rules

Before the event

Until the event starts, all you can do is create blog posts. Feel free to introduce yourself or the game you plan to make/submit.

Submitting a game

Once the event starts, you can submit any game you worked on this year. You can use this event as a game jam, making and submitting a game especially for it, though there is no particular "theme" to follow.

It's okay if the game is unfinished, closed-source, made as a team, we don't mind either if the game was started before 2017. The only requirements are that the game must be yours.

Exchanging feedback

Any comment you post on another entry will count towards increasing your Feedback Score. That score is used to determine in which order games are listed on the event. You will get notifications if someone wrote a comment on your entry or answered your comments using @-based mentions.

After the event

Newcomers will no longer be able to submit games, but you can still exchange feedback after the event ends.
There will be no judging or ranking or the game, but instead as a reward, videos will be made of all the entries and posted on YouTube.