General tips

  • Append ?pretty=true to get a human-readable output of the data
  • If something goes wrong, the response will always have the format: { "error": "…" }


Endpoint Parameters Description
/api/featuredEvent (none) Fetches the currently featured event (the one that currently appears in the header, usually the current or upcoming event), and its entries.
/api/event/:event event An event ID, or its name (as visible in its URL) Fetches an event and its entries.
/api/entry/:entry entry An entry ID Fetches an entry and detailed information about it: its comments, its ratings & rankings (if the event is closed) and some more metadata.
/api/user ?title A display name to search for Searches for a user based on the parameters given.
/api/user/:user user A user ID, or their name Fetches a specific user.
/api/user/:user/latestEntry user: A user ID, or their name Fetches a specific user's latest entry, with similarly detailed information as the main entry endpoint.